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  • How Cables Fail – The Myths and Fundamentals to Ensuring Long Cable Life
  • Manufacturer's Standards and Online PD Testing
  • Manufacturer's Standards and VLF PD Testing
  • The Case for URD Storm Hardening
  • Ensuring Future Reliability using Manufacturers’ Standards to Assess Cable System Performance after Installation
  • IMCORP Guide to Capitalizing Underground Cable Life Extension Programs
  • Is Fault Locating Killing Our Cable Systems
  • Maximizing Cable System Reliability Using A Fully Capitalized Life Extention
  • Profiling Power Cable System Reliability to Maximize Plant Uptime
  • 2019 Jicable - Cable Degassing, Strand Filling Mastic and Cable Defects
  • 2019 Jicable - Can Cables Last 100 Years
  • 2019 Jicable - How Cables Fail - Debunking the Myths and Reinforcing the Fundamentals to Ensure Long Cable Life
  • 2019 Jicable - Cable System Commissioning Update
  • 2019 Jicable - Enhanced Overvolatge Protection For Reliability Beyond The First Decade