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Each year, millions of people and thousands of businesses are impacted by underground cable system failures. IMCORP is dedicated to advancing the understanding of how these failures occur and more importantly, how they can be avoided.

Dec 21 2017

Water Trees Don't Fail Cable

By: Ben Lanz and Bill Corrente

Posted in: Wind, Utility, Solar, Renewable, Generation, Facility, Cable

Water Trees Don't Fail Cable Decades ago we learned from many of the leading industry experts that water trees fail cable and we believed this industry myth until we collected cable performance data using the  IMCORP Factory Grade&re... Read Article

Jul 30 2012

Stone in Cable 176m (578ft) from Termination

By: Ben Lanz and Bill Corrente

Posted in: Backfill, Cable, Facility, Generation, Renewable, Solar, Utility, Wind, Workmanship

IMCORP’s  Factory Grade® assessment discovered a substandard  location while commissioning the cable systems at a generation facility. The client used IMCORP’s Location Matching service to pinpoint the defect location. N... Read Article

Mar 23 2012

Power Cable Termination Cutback Issues at a Data Center


Posted in: Workmanship, Facility

Pictured here are live front terminations of a medium voltage power cable system at a critical data center in Portland, OR.  After termination failures began to occur, DC HiPot testing had been utilized but came back inconclusive. At this po... Read Article