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System Maintenance

Facilities require consistent and reliable power to operate effectively. IMCORP has helped clients avoid hundreds of potential outages at more than 100 facilities worldwide. Facilities in many different industries have a dire need to maintain reliable operation.

  • Mission critical facilities such as hospitals, airports, government facilities, data centers, security firms and financial institutions cannot operate without access to their systems and information.
  • Industrial facilities such as petro-chemical, microchip and other continuous process manufacturers must maintain reliable power to avoid significant downtime cost.
  • Event facilities such as convention centers, arenas and stadiums recognize the chaos that security issues that comes with a power outage.

Although facilities’ operations are dependent on power reliability, a facility manager’s main concern is delivering their specific goods or services. Reliable power simply needs to be there. IMCORP’s Factory Grade® technology has been used extensively in facilities’ management programs and has proven to be a valuable tool to achieve maximum up time.

Facilities must avoid the expense of downtime, whether unplanned or an unanticipated extension of a planned outage. IMCORP’s Factory Grade® technology is the ideal tool to verify the quality of facilities’ aging cable assets, and IMCORP has the proven experience of providing high quality results during the compressed timeframe of a scheduled shutdown. Our assessment accurately locates all Partial Discharge (PD) activity within a cable system enabling facility managers to proactively make repairs before a failure occurs.