Factory Grade® Technology
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Transmission and distribution asset managers are in a continuous struggle to balance reliable power delivery with budgetary constraints necessary to keep rates at an acceptable level. IMCORP’s services are a best practice approach for optimizing cable system performance at the lowest cost possible.

New Installation

Over 99% of all potential new cable system insulation failures are introduced during installation. Asset managers deal with countless headaches caused by:

  • Damage from back-fill
  • Contamination, voids, or damage introduced during termination or splice install
  • Improper installation procedures
  • Damaged cable during transit and handling

Verification with IMCORP’s Factory Grade® technology ensures the quality of the cable system installation. IMCORP further reduces your risk by guaranteeing our diagnostic results!

Aged Cable Systems

Legacy cable system replacement programs based on cable age or failure trend discard many good/viable cables. Asset managers informed by IMCORP’s Factory Grade® technology results can craft an intelligent cable management strategy suited to their needs. IMCORP’s service can be designed in several different ways:

  • Maximize the reliability achieved within the existing annual budget for cable replacement
  • Minimize the budget needed to reach a given number of cable systems
  • Maximize control of financial expenditures
  • Minimize the risk undertaken by the utility

IMCORP can significantly increase the number of aged cables remediated annually without adding incremental dollars to your aged asset budget. IMCORP also guarantees the Factory Grade® technology results performed on aged cable systems!