IMCORP is a provider of underground power cable reliability services for medium and high voltage (5kV to 500kV) power cable systems for both aged and new cable installations. Our asset life cycle management services (commissioning, maintenance, and retirement) enables clients to improve cable system reliability. Learn More



IMCORP partners with utilities to optimize the reliability of their underground power cable systems at the lowest possible costs. Using our Factory Grade technology, we offer a wide range of services (aged cable life extension programs, commissioning, contractor training & root cause analysis) in the utility market for medium and high voltage cables 5kV- 500kV.
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America’s onshore and offshore renewable markets will need to double each year to meet clean energy objectives. IMCORP’s ability to provide a diagnostic medium and high voltage cable partial discharge test at 50/60 hertz will reduce exposure of unplanned outages associated with substandard cable systems. Our ability to pin-point the source/location of defects not meeting manufactures’ quality control standards, provides our clients with knowledge of the craftmanship and manufacturer quality. Our Factory Grade® test report provides a foot-by-foot assessment that enables our clients to understand potential risk of new and aging renewable cable systems.
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Industrial & Critical Facilities

Facilities require consistent and reliable power to operate effectively.  Industrial facilities must avoid the expense of downtime, whether unplanned or an unanticipated extension of a planned outage. IMCORP’s Factory Grade® technology is the ideal tool to verify the quality of industrial facilities’ aging cable assets, and IMCORP has the proven experience of providing high quality results during the compressed timeframe of a scheduled shutdown. Our assessment accurately locates all Partial Discharge (PD) activity within a cable system enabling facility managers to proactively make repairs before a failure occurs.
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Factory Grade Technology

IMCORP’s unique offering is Factory Guide technology. IMCORP assesses cable systems installed in the field in the same manner that the manufacturers’ quality control their components in the factory. This is the only way to ensure that the system components will meet their design life.
Factory Guide

Cable Life Extension Capitalization

Did you know IMCORP’s cable assessment can be a capitalized expenditure?
In 2009, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ruled that the cost of IMCORP’s cable assessment may be capitalized when it is used in connection with rehabilitation projects to significantly extend the useful life of an underground cable system.
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Transmission and distribution asset managers are in a continuous struggle to balance reliable power delivery with budgetary constraints necessary to keep rates at an acceptable level. IMCORP’s services are a best practice approach for optimizing cable system performance at the lowest cost possible.
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Case Studies

Explore our case studies and see how we have worked together with our customers in 16 countries and 49 states to assist them in improving their underground cable reliability.

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Defect Blog


​Each year, millions of people and thousands of businesses are impacted by underground cable system failures. IMCORP is dedicated to advancing the understanding of how these failures occur and more importantly, how they can be avoided. Click here to learn more about how our Factory Grade technology has found hidden defects for our customers, preventing costly outages. ​